Our Services

Clinical services @ Nobel Eye

Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Customised cataract surgery
Suture-less pterygium surgery
Management of diabetes-related eye diseases including laser treatment
Medical and surgical treatment of glaucoma
Treatment of age-related eye diseases
Presbyopia correction
Treatment of ocular surface diseases such as dry eyes, blepharitis, eye allergies
Management of traumatic eye injuries
Childhood refractive errors and myopia control
Corneal transplantation
Amniotic membrane transplantation
LASIK & refractive surgery

Diagnostic services @ Nobel Eye

Humphrey automated visual field assessment
Stratus OCTTM Optical Coherence Tomography
Galilei Dual Scheimpflug Analyzer
IOL master
Ultrasound A/B scan
Fundus photography
Colour vision testing
Automated eye pressure test
Automated and manifest refraction
Spectacle power test
Contact lens fitting

Screening services @ Nobel Eye

Comprehensive screening packages for adult
Children’s Eye screening packages
Occupational Eye screening

Eye procedures @ Nobel Eye

Incision and drainage of stye / chalazion
Schirmer’s test (Dry eyes assessment)
Temporary and permanent punctal plug
Removal of corneal / conjunctival foreign body
Tear duct syringing and probing
Removal of mis-directed eye lashes (epilation)
Removal of sutures
Anterior stromal punctures
Insertion of bandage contact lens

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